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Green Building (LEED, WELL) IAQ mittausratkaisut

Sisäilman laadun mittaukset ja monitorointi Green Building lukitelluissa rakennuksissa -  on ajureina kaksi, joskus kilpailevaa tavoitetta

1) Energiakustannusten minimoiminen ja

2) Asukkaiden terveyden ja tuottavuuden maksimointi

GrayWolf meters are well-suited for portable IAQ testing, long-term IAQ trend logging and continuous IAQ monitoring in buildings.

Buildings consume approximately 40% of the total energy used in developed countries, with roughly half of that spent on heating, cooling and distributing air. This is a very ripe target for the “green” efforts toward cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the concurrent financial motivation of reducing energy costs. However, easily the highest expense in buildings is occupant compensation and even a very small reduction in their productivity can easily offset energy savings if air quality is reduced in an effort to cut energy use. The wellness of the occupants extends to short and long-term health factors. There are also facility-specific factors such as optimizing conditions conducive to learning in schools and universities, or testing for specific potential contaminants in white collar office areas that result from industry processes in adjoining manufacturing or service facilities.

With over 30 parameters to choose from, GrayWolf offers measurement kits with the parameters necessary for certain specific Green Building applications; in many cases satisfying the specific measurement technology requirements, in other cases highly useful as a real-time screening tool ahead of collecting and sending samples out for lab testing. Many of the Green Building requirements are available to view on-board GrayWolf instruments, in-situ. Remote access has many pre-defined parameter limits included to view with gauges and graphs. And GrayWolf’s optional Advanced Report Generation software include limits, text and formatting all useful for reporting to meet various industry and government air measurement requirements.



AdvancedSense Pro LEED v4 EQc4

AdvancedSense Pro LEED v4 EQc4 (ja WELL v1) mittaussarja, DirectSense ...